Summer Writing Prompts

Again, I have been MIA. I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of being a hands-on mom. And a child that is concurrently taking high school classes and college classes.

Child has decided against two more years of school earning dual credit in everything. I suspect he is getting burnt out on school in general, and when you add in an hour drive each way… I totally get it. We will continue one more year with the virtual academy (plus college) and he will graduate next May. :)

In the meantime, writing. Starting June 3rd, there are officially 12 weeks of summer. And 12 weeks which need to include some kind of writing (and honestly, some kind of math, but I haven’t gotten that far, yet) – partly because it’s a good habit, and partly because writing proficiencies are coming up in the fall.

So. Calendar. My life revolves around it. I use it for EVERYTHING. Including Summer Writing.

Summer Writing Calendar 1

Obviously this is no exception. Not only have I set up twelve Calendar Reminders, I’ve also included writing prompts (attached to each lesson).

Summer Writing Calendar 2

The lessons are geared to the Middle School/High School age, and of course, I’m totally willing to share (anything to help our human population become more literate!). Clicking the pictures should take you to the calendar. Alternatively, you should be able to add it here.

You can always adjust the dates to suit your needs. Don’t be limited by what I need. :) Happy Summer!!!

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