Non-Winning Lottery Numbers

One of the nice things about living relatively close to 2 other states is that it’s relatively easy to buy lottery tickets (because I live in Nevada – where there is tons of gambling – which I don’t do – but no lottery, which I do).

Unfortunately I am on a big time losing streak. The most #’s I’ve gotten on a lottery ticket anytime in the last 6 months is ONE. One number. Yep.

Perhaps I need to have someone else start buying my tickets. Although I have a cheat sheet I use sometimes with various people’s picks on them, with the idea that if I win with their numbers, I will share (a very small percentage – hey! it’s still my $1 buying the ticket!).

Anyway, this week’s losing numbers are…..

Wait for it…


10   17   26   28   52   AND    27


My one lone correct pick? 17

So sad…
Losing Lottery Ticket

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