Jury Duty

Yep, so I got called for jury duty this week. Normally this is something that I am somewhat excited about, but this weekend I have just been tired. I once served on a Federal Grand Jury for two years (I made a rather good friend out of it); it was actually quite entertaining. However, this week I got the notice on Wednesday to report on Monday. I had to completely rearrange my schedule at work to make sure my shift was covered. Luckily I mentioned it to our finance/accounting guy and he told me that I get paid for it. Which is really good, because when I called after 6pm tonite to find out what time to report tomorrow, I discovered that I don’t have to report after all. So, instead of being screwed because I could end up working (but I can’t because I had to have my shift covered), I end up having a bit of a paid day off. Which is nice, because it was kind of a busy weekend!

My husband and I have this great group of friends who meet monthly for dinner, fondly called “Dinner Club.” This month we met for brunch, though, because many of the sons are playing football. It actually kind of works out like this:

  • out of nine couples, 4 couples have boys in the 11-12 year old range, and 2 couples have girls the same 11-12 year old range
  • 4 couples have girls in the 9-10 year old range
  • 7 couples have children in the 5-8 year old range
  • 3 couples have children in the 18-21year old range and
  • 1 couple has a child not yet in school

Actually, now that I am writing this, it seems like one of those mind bender word problems you have to solve in school.

So, to recap, Friday night we went to the movies (Journey to the Center of the Earth), brunch on Saturday, and dh took the boys shooting. Football in the afternoon. Today, dh took the boys shooting again, and we worked on the fence out in the front of our house–the one that has been waiting for us to finish for months (and is still not done), homework, and blogging. I am sleeping in tomorrow. “)

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