Youth Learn Skills To Be Leaders Of The Future

By Whitney Donohue

 Moapa Valley Progress


Jacob H and Justin J learn to fill out employment forms at the Leaders of the Future summer program offered by local Clark County Parks and Recreation

Clark County Parks and Recreation is continuing its Leaders of the Future Program throughout the remainder of the summer. Participants in the program help out during the week as counselors at the CCPR Summer Recreation Program, but there is an educational element to the program as well.

Each week the participants learn something about being leaders. In the past they’ve gone on a field trip to Mesquite’s Recreational Center to learn how a strong recreation program takes the cooperation of the community.

The participants have also learned about filling out job applications in a way that could help them get hired. They learned about employment packets, how to fill them out, and why everything needs to be filled out.

Participants also learn about other leadership roles they may have held in the past, and how that leadership translates into their potential as a good employee. They have also spent some time learning about resumes.

A future field trip will be to Hoover Dam. Not only will the participants learn the history of the dam and have a chance to tour it, they will also learn about various jobs there, and how leadership applies in that job.

The Leaders of the Future program is offered through Clark County Parks and Recreation and is for kids ages 13 -17. CCPR offers the program in Las Vegas as well as in Moapa Valley, and is currently planning to hold a similar program next summer. Participants that complete the program this year will be eligible to help out with sports and recreation programs held throughout the school year.

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