Tree Removal Makes Way For Improvements


MVWD crews removed a row of mature trees in front of the Overton office last week to prepare for sidewalk, curb, gutter and streetlight improvements in the area. Photo by Whitney Donohue.

By Whitney Donohue


Moapa Valley Progress

The Moapa Valley Water District offices in Overton have a new look this week. Several trees lining Moapa Valley Boulevard in front of the Water District building were removed last week in preparation for curbing, gutters, and streetlights to be installed along the state highway.

“When we put the building up out in the back we were granted a waiver on the installation of the curbing and gutter,” said Joe Davis, MVWD Distribution Manager.

The waiver was good for five years, Davis said. When the MVWD asked for an extension on the waiver, they were denied. But it was stated that they could wait to do the improvements until the sewer project was completed. This gave them another two years to complete the work.

Now that the sewer project is done, the MVWD is in the process of bringing the property up to county standards. As part of that, the trees along the highway had to be removed. They were located within the highway right of way.

The MVWD is in the process of getting ready to send the project out for bid, Davis said. The plans have already been approved by Clark County and the Nevada Department of Transportation. They are currently working on getting an easement with Overton Power for the street lights, Davis said.

“Once the project goes out for bid we expect the project to be completed in late fall,” Davis said.

After the project is done, the MVWD is planning on planting new trees along their property line along Moapa Valley Boulevard, Davis said.

“We are really sorry that we couldn’t save the trees,” Davis said. “We were as sick about it as the many people who stopped while we were cutting them down. Ultimately, though, they had to come out.”

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