This Week In M.V. History (August 3, 2011)

By Whitney Donohue

Moapa Valley Progress

5 Years Ago

From Progress: August 2, 2006
Funding Found for Logandale Ballpark Facility
At the July 19 meeting of the Clark County Commissioners, $1.2 million of Clark County money was allocated to add restroom facilities and a concession stand to the ballfield complex just south of the Fairgrounds in Logandale. The funding was made through a re-allocation of funds in a larger county-wide $20 million capital improvement package

15 Years Ago

From Progress: July 31, 1996
Lake Valley Estates Grand Opening
CEM Nevada Properties, Inc., developers of Lake Valley Estates in Logandale announced the grand opening for the project.

“We are excited about Lake Valley Estates and about being part of the Moapa Valley community,” said Greg Collinwood, Vice-President of CEM Nevada. “It is hard to believe that less than an hour from the glamour and bustle of Las Vegas is this quiet, green oasis.”

20 Years Ago

From Progress: July 31, 1991
Sears Store Closes
Sears Roebuck is closing down some of its catalog stores, including the Overton store located on the corner of Main Street and Thomas Street. This store was opened by John and Malinda Robison in April of 1974. In 1980, Al and Betty Chisum purchased the store, which they later sold to their daughter and son-in-law Linda and Alex Rhigetti. Sears recently gave the store notice that the outlet would be closing within ten days.

25 Years Ago

From Valley Herald and Lake Mead Monitor: July 31, 1986
Woman Shot by Son
According to Park Ranger Larry Hanneman, a shooting was reported at the cabin sites at Stewart’s Point. Upon arrival at the scene they found that Pauline Taylor, 76, had been shot in the abdomen during a domestic dispute.

The shooting suspect, Robert Taylor, the victim’s son, was at the scene and was arrested.

Overton EMTs and Flight for Life responded and took the victim to Valley Hospital where she is in critical condition. Robert Taylor was turned over to Metro Homicide and booked for attempted murder.

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