Mad Cow (when will the madness end?)

U.S. Mad Cow Disease

Does it ever seem to you that the government could really care less about the safety of its people? I would like to say that I live in the best country in the world–the one where everyone has healthcare, the government is concerned about the environment, and there are not a zillion reality TV shows on television every night. The Mad Cow article brings me back to reality, though. This article is just one among many that make me realize that George W. doesn’t really care if we all contract spongiform encephalopathy. I love my steak–I don’t really want to have to worry about what eating it may do to my mind. On the other hand, we live in a world in which we all believe that bad things will not happen to us. It isn’t until it starts happening to us that we begin to do something about it. Maybe these scares will wake up U.S. citizens enough to protest our testing policies and work to change them. The world can be a better place–it can be the place of my dreams. Now, who do I call about canceling The Real Gilligan’s Island?

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