Local Youth Rides At Moto-Cross National Finals

By Whitney Donohue

 Moapa Valley Progress


Local resident Alexis Schraft, 11, recently attended the 36th Annual Ponca City Grand National Finals Moto-cross Championships, which was held in Ponca City, Oklahoma July 24-30.

Alexis has only recently started competing in Motocross. She competed in her first race in January of this year as part of the Wild West Series of Races.

Schraft has been riding since the age of seven, when she received her first bike. Her father got her the first bike so they could share a sport that he loves. Since that time she has ridden three different bikes.

Schraft’s season ends on Labor Day with a final race in Salt Lake City.

Scraft currently races in two divisions: Beginner’s and Women’s Class (under 14). She is leading in both classes. The annual competition is one of the biggest on the US calendar with more than 2,200 riders.

Alexis Schraft finished 9th overall in women’s class at the Ponca City Grand Nationals.

In Ponca City, Schraft raced in three classes: the 85cc stock class the 85 mod class and the 65cc and 85cc women’s class.

She finished 9th overall in the women’s class, and 29th place overall in the entire event.

“She did a really good job,” said mother Justa Schraft. “It was a neat experience and a lot of fun for her to participate in such a big event like that.”

As is often the case for Oklahoma in late July, it was hot and humid with temperatures reaching 106 degrees by mid-day.

Fellow racer Isabell J. Koob died Wednesday after she was injured in a crash during the Ponca City Grand Nationals. She fell off of her bike and was struck by another rider.

Schraft will be starting middle school this year, and she will be doing so with a solid year of racing under her belt. She plans to continue racing next year.

“We had a lot of support from local businesses and friends and we just wanted to say thank you to them,” added Justa Schraft.

Local sponsored include Overton McDonalds, Sugars Restaurant, Anvil Masonry, and Lins Marketplace

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